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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spathi Litsa – Greece – Netherlands

Θωμαή γεια σου,

S’ efharisto gia tin timi,

Me megali hara dehomai na eimai melos tis epitromis.

Avrio tha sou steilo “contributions” gia tin ekthesi

με αγάπη από την Ollandia


Litsa Spathi

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Litsa Spathi (born 1958) is a Greek painter, performer and Fluxus artist, currently living in Heidelberg, Germany and Breda, Netherlands. She makes collages, objectbooks, fluxus poetry and large acrylic paintings. She used to be active in mail art as well. Her paintings belong to the category fantastic realism. In 2003 she founded together with Ruud Janssen the Fluxus Heidelberg Center in which they publish their work.

Spathi was selected to publish an essay as one of eleven contemporary "New Fluxus" artists who are seen to 'inhabit the site of Fluxus, developing and interpreting the Fluxus tradition in a new way.' in a special double issue of the journal Visible Language on Fluxus. The double issue was developed by Owen Smith and Ken Friedman and published through the Rhode Island School of Design The other artists included as representing New Fluxus artists: Alan Bowman, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, David-Baptiste Chirot, David Cologiovani, Eryk Salvaggio, Cecil Touchon, mIEKAL aND, MTAA, Ruud Janssen, Sol Nte, and Walter Cianciusi.

Spathi attended elementary school in Sami (Kephalonia), high school in Athens, and studied German as foreign language at University Heidelberg, as well as painting, literature, philosophy (National Academy Wolfenbüttel, Germany).

In 2007 Spathi founded Fluxlist Europe as a performance. This is a digital platform for Fluxus artists and visual poets to publish their work and to discuss the new and old Fluxus.

Litsa Spathi


Fluxus Heidelberg Center

P.O. Box 1055

4801 BB Breda



e-mail : l.spathi@fluxusheidelberg

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